About Me

If you ask me, I call myself a ‘Web Manager’ because I do not just build websites. I manage the whole process from domain registration, hosting up to regular maintenance.

How it all started…

The year was 2005. I was in university and in possession of my first computer. I had always been curious about how computers and software works. I started playing with HTML and CSS code, developing simple websites along the way. I was hooked!  I took my first website online in May 2005 (I found screenshot of it archived here!). Over the years, I volunteered making website for student groups and charity organizations. I even got a job at my university to revamp one of the department’s website!

Over the past 12 years, I have passionately honed my skills, learning as web technology evolves.  I have kept updated with the latest web development methods that are essential today (responsive design, mobile accessibility and search engine optimization).

Why Did I start YourWebPro?

I understand the challenges of running a business. I also know the value of a great online presence having developed websites that

  • Provided great visibility for a business
  • Get me more customers (I have optimized websites to appear tops on Google search).

I started this service because I want to help small businesses position themselves to achieve the maximum benefit from their online presence:

  • Having a great website
  • Spending minimal time maintaining the website
  • Using your website to achieve business goals.

I achieve this through

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