Webmaster Service

Spend more time running your business, less time running your website.

The Webmaster Service is perfect for small business owners who do not want to worry about the mundane maintenance tasks once the website is online.  Technology and business needs can change rapidly. Your website will not only need a place to be hosted, but also need to keep pace with regular maintenance and updates.

I will be your “web guy” and will take care of all your web maintenance tasks. I am offering this worry-free option for a flat monthly fee that varies depending on the amount of updates you have (e.g. a corporate information website may have different needs than a busy e-commerce store).

You will not have to pay someone $80/hour next time you want to add a page or fix something on your website.

I offer a 15% discount on website design and free web hosting to appreciate your commitment on the Webmaster Service plan!

Cost: $49-99 / month Depending on your needs.

Benefits of the Webmaster Service

Discounted web design

15% off standard website design prices!

Experienced webmaster

Eleven years’ experience in web management and 7 years of corporate experience. You will appreciate how this experience translates into quality service and products for you.

A single point of contact for easy communication
You can call me anytime if have a question, or idea you want to implement on your website.
Free Hosting (no extra charge)

I have partnered with Hostgator to provide world class secure web hosting with 99.99% up-time guarantee and 24/7 support. I will work with them on your behalf to resolve server related issues, install server-side software needs and coordinate server compatibility with website’s code. See the web hosting page for specifications of hosting.

Basic SEO

Basic SEO provides you with a search engine-friendly website that will be indexed by major search engines.Basic SEO service includes: editing post titles and meta descriptions, site speed improvement, Yoast SEO set up, XML and HTML sitemaps, Google Analytics integration, etc. (see SEO page for more information)

Website maintenance and updates

If you decide to update site content and images on your website to reflect a new business direction, I will get it done at no extra charge. Maintenance includes things like, updating web software, broken link checkups etc.

Free implementation of small upgrades
You are offering a quick promotion on social media and want to post it on your website as well. I will implement for no extra charge.
Website security best practices
In today’s world, no one can guarantee 100% online security, but I will be sure to implement security best practices to keep your website safe (e.g. SSL for secure transactions, vulnerability scans and updates, file permissions, securing wp-includes, wp-config etc.).
Regular scheduled backups
Regular backups of websites and databases. A good practice for all websites.
Troubleshooting website problems
You are not receiving email from the web contact form. Or you website is all of a sudden not visible on mobile phones. What do you do? You call me and I will troubleshoot and make sure everything works as needed.
Web traffic monitoring

Web traffic monitoring can provide important insights to your business.

Click here to learn more

A few examples; I learned that 60% of my visitors were accessing my website using a phone, therefore had to optimized the mobile look of the websites to make sure that links and buttons are clickable on mobile screens. Another example; if most of your visitors are spending less than 5 seconds on your awesome information page, then we may need to revise it.

Regular reports will be provided by email, including detailed web traffic reports.

Website use training
Want to post regular blog updates to your website? I will show you how to do it without any coding, and support you along the way.
Free phone and email support

I will provide ongoing support by phone and email.

If you did not find what you need on the list, I probably can handle it too. Contact me.

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